Bekker and Sibanda Win Junior Sports ANSA Awards

The Annual National Sports Awards (ANSA) took place yesterday (20 January 2017) in Harare,  including accolades for Junior Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year.  Homeschooled golfer Danielle Marie Bekker took the gold in the Junior Sportswoman category with young BMX rider Rebekah Oberholzer taking the silver and former Chisipite Senior School rower Ciara Soper the bronze.

In the Junior Sportsman category, boxer and karateka Beaven Sibanda took the gold while St George’s College triple jumper Chengetai Mapaya took the silver and footballer Wayne Nkomo the bronze.  Mapaya recently returned from the Region 5 games in Angola where he earned Zimbabwe a gold medal for his triple jump of 15.42 metres and a silver for his long jump of 6.83 metres.

Zimbabwe’s rowing fraternity was particularly decorated at the event with Olympic rower Micheen Thornycroft winning Sportswoman of the Year, Rachel Davis as Coach of the Year and the Zimbabwe Rowing Association winning the Sports Development Award.