Zimbabwe National Junior Sport Award 2015 Finalists

The Zimbabwe Sports and Recreation Commission (ZSRC) announced its slate of 2015 finalists for the annual National Sport Awards to take place on Wednesday, 16 December.  As part of a wide range of awards, there are four categories dedicated to student athletes across the sporting disciplines.

The Junior Sports Man of the Year category includes two students who both won awards last year and both who just completed their A level studies at St John’s College, triathlete Drew Williams and rower Kyle Hinde. Both Williams and Hinde represented Zimbabwe at the Youth Olympics in Nanjing in 2014 and at their sporting disciplines’ respective world championships this year in Chicago and Rio de Janeiro respectively.  Hinde won the gold medal in this category in 2014 with Williams winning the silver. The third candidate is Emmanuel Bako for motorcross.

The Junior Sports Woman of the Year award finalists include South African based tennis player Valeria Bhunu and Australian based swimmer Robyn Lee.   The third candidate is young Tanyaradzwa Muzinda, again for motorcross.   In 2014 young Rebekah Oberholzer from BMX won the gold with rower Daniella du Toit, then of Chisipite Senior winning the silver. Daniella is currently studying on a Division 1 rowing scholarship at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in the U.S.

Four of the six nominations for junior sports women and men with disabilities are for members of the Golf Special Olympics Team that travelled to the U. S. this year. A full list of the junior award nominations follows here:

Junior Sports Man of the Year
Emmanuel Bako (Motorcross)
Drew Michael Williams (Triathlon)
Kyle Hinde (Rowing)

Junior Sports Woman of the Year
Valeria Bhunu (Tennis)
Robyn Lee (Swimming)
Tanyaradzwa Muzinda (Motorcross)

Junior Sports Woman of the Year with a Disability
Nyasha Karina ( Athletics Special Olympics)
Tsitsi Maponda (Golf Special Olympics)
Laina Sithole (Athletics T13 )

Junior Sports Man of the Year with a Disability
Michael Mudyanadzo (Golf Special Olympics)
Munyaradzi Musariri  (Golf Special Olympics)
Regan Robinson (Golf Special Olympics)