Basketball: St John’s High Takes On Hillcrest

As exams fall upon the student athletes, the basketball momentum deteriorates but games are still being played this weekend. The Eagles will be playing Westridge on the Eaglesvale courts, hoping to recover from their 40-4 loss to St John’s High School two weeks ago.

In another setup, the basketball immortals at the moment, the St John’s High School 1st team will be challenging Hillcrest  while Maranatha hosts Gateway.

On Saturday the 27th of June Harare Convent will be hosting a rousing U16 tournament where the players will show their talents and prepare to join their respective 1st teams next year. The tournament will be from 0800 to 1600. The schools that will be participating are as follows: Arundel, Harare Convent, Bulawayo Convent, Eaglesvale, Chisipite, St John’s, Gateway, Maranatha, Girls College,Westridge, Lomagundi and Peterhouse.