Can St John’s Basketball Thwart Saints’ Jinx?

Perennial rivals, St John’s College and St George’s College will clash at St George’s tomorrow afternoon in what promises to be a hotly contested first team basketball encounter.

As you are already aware, form doesn’t really count going into cross-town rival matches, so we won’t even talk about who is likely to win the match based on that. One factor that does matter, though, is home ground advantage.

St George's Basketball Captain
St George’s captain Munyati (with ball) will be hoping to lead his charges another victory at home against the Rams

That jinx of home court advantage is what St John’s will be looking to break when they play in front of the loud and enthusiastic crowd  at St George’s on Friday. St John’s has not won a first team game on the courts at St George’s in the last twelve encounters, and they will have to work extra time if they want to disappoint the hosts.


St George’s on the other hand has enjoyed victories in their rival’s backyard so they will be bullish going into this encounter. You can follow the live scoring of the match using our partner’s application, scorestream which is available on the Play Store as well as the App Store.