CBC Basketball in Convincing Win Over Falcon

A visitor to CBC would have been forgiven for thinking Thursday’s (4 February 2016) First Team basketball game against Falcon was compulsory support, but, in fact, the crowd of college boys who cheered the Angels on in a thrilling battle against their perennial rivals were all there voluntarily.

Their support did not go unrewarded as the Angels emerged victorious, handing their devoted supporters a 23-15 victory.

The game began as it ended, with the Angels opening the scores to lead. However, as the game progressed Falcon pressed hard and made things difficult for the Angels through their accurate shooting and scoring, not missing a single chance that came their way and seizing the lead at half time.

The presence of CBC supporters, cheering the Angels on and singing war cries, was the X-factor needed to motivate them to fly higher and serve up an extra ordinary performance to tip the balance of the game in their favour, bringing the nail-biting game to its victorious conclusion in the second half.

Said Headboy Mkhokheli Nkomo who, together with the prefects, rallied the boys to come and support the team: “The Angels made us proud today and I say well done to them. I would also like to thank  the CBC boys from Form one to Upper Six who voluntarily took time off their busy schedules to come and support the Angels. That’s the spirit, boys! Let’s keep the fire burning and support all our teams.”