Chisipite Win The Big One Against Arundel

It seems as if the tables have turned this season as Chisipite 1st team Basketball has beaten Arundel after Arundel’s one-point win last year. Chisipite proved that last year’s win might have just been by chance as they doubled Arundel’s 12 point score, leaving the score at an astonishing 24-12 to Chisipite.

That being said one would think that it was an awfully easy game for the Green Machines, as they would like to call themselves, but I tell you the opposite is true. With Arundel leading in the 1st quarter by three points it looked like they were going to take it home again. Arundel’s vice-captain, Tarisai Dahwa, lead the team in the right direction by opening the scoring.

For the first time in the last two seasons, the first quarter was Arundel’s strongest. They played very tight shell defence making it hard for Chisipite to penetrate the key. This forced them to make rushed shots from way out.

It took Chisipite a whole quarter to get their heads in the game but once their minds arrived at the scene they took over the show. It might have been her fancy luminous green Jordans but the Chisipite captain, Sarah Fodouop, played like star. She had assists, steals, interceptions, fast breaks, crossovers; need I say more? But she wasn’t the only one stealing the show. Laura Van Shie, Chisipite’s post player, showed off some of her baseman moves whether it was posting up or receiving from the block.

The game was well supported with war cries coming from all ends of the court, even parents were cheering on. This game might have just won the cup for “Game of the Season” if there was one.