Dairibord Incorporates Junior Schools

The Dairibord Rugby Festival roared into life this week with over 200 teams from secondary schools taking part. In addition to the high school competition spirit, this year the world’s biggest schools rugby festival has incorporated sixteen primary school sides as well. While it may look like the festival pauses today after the first three of six days of competition, the primary school boys’ teams take the fields to showcase Zimbabwean development rugby.

The sixteen primary school teams to compete today (Wednesday, 27 April 2016) have been arranged in four pools of four teams each for round robin play, starting at 12:30pm. The semi-final and third/fourth games will take place later in the afternoon culminating in a final primary school match at 4pm.

Below are the fixtures for the games and results will be updated as they become available during the day.

Wednesday 27 April 2016
Game Final Score Time
Jubilee Field
1 Lendy Park Admiral Tait 12:30
2 Dudley Hall Blackstone 12:50
3 Blackstone Admiral Tait 13:10
4 Lendy Park Dudley Hall 13:30
5 Admiral Tait Dudley Hall 13:50
6 Lendy Park Blackstone 14:10
Avenues Field
1 Braeside Lewisam 12:30
2 Banket Mufakose 12:50
3 Mufakose Lewisam 13:10
4 Braeside Banket 13:30
5 Lewisam Banket 13:50
6 Brae side Mufakose 14:10
Hospital Field
1 Eaglesvale Highlands Jr 12:30
2 Borrowdale Chipadze 12:50
3 Chipadze Highlands Jr 13:10
4 Eaglesvale Borrowdale 13:30
5 Highlands Jr Borrowdale 13:50
6 Eaglesvale Chipadze 14:10
Chapel Field
1 Haig Park Selborne 12:30
2 Wise Owl Greystone Park 12:50
3 Greystone Park Selborne 13:10
4 Haig Park Wise Owl 13:30
5 Selborne Wise Owl 13:50
6 Haig Park Greystone Park 14:10
SF 1 Winner of Jubilee Runner Up Hospital 14:40
SF2 Winner of Avenues Runner Up Chapel 15:00
3rd & 4th Loser Jubilee Loser Avenues 15:30
Final Winner Jubilee Winner Avenues 16:00