Dominant Falcon College Claim Todd Trophy

Falcon College’s U15 Waterpolo side put on a great display of teamwork to claim the Todd Trophy for a tournament which took place at their school on the 25th and 26th of October.The Esgodini side was clearly in a league of their own, with the only stubborn opposition in St John’s College who made them work for their 5-4 win in the final encounter. The first five games leading up to the final were one-sided with Falcon College posting scores of over 10, while conceding at most two goals per game. St George’s was first in line and suffered the biggest defeat of the tournament, losing with a resounding 1-17 defeat to host Falcon. The hosts went on to hand Hellenic Academy an 11-2 hiding, while Prince Edward and Peterhouse suffered 15-1 and 15-2 defeats to the Falcon boys.Bulawayo side Christian Brothers College finished second with 10 points. St John’s placed third with eight points and Hellenic ended fourth with six points. With two wins to their name Peterhouse came fifth with four points ahead of St George’s who had two points from their sole 10-2 win against Prince Edward. Prince Edward did not manage to register a single win, but their presence in the pool as a school reviving a once strong waterpolo tradition was inspiring.Falcon sent a massive 68 goals past their opposition’s goal line while conceding only 11 goals, a great display of both offensive and defensive play. On the other end of the scale was Prince Edward who conceded 73 and scored 10.The Todd Trophy tournament doubled as selection for the National U15 side, with six of them ending up with at least one boy on the national squad. The thirteen strong national U15 squad for 2014-15 is dominated by five Falcon College and three CBC boys. Two students from St John’s and one each from Peterhouse, Hellenic and St George’s round out the team.Zimbabwe U15 Waterpolo1. R.Dawson(Falcon) 2. J.Ross(Falcon) 3. T.Rainford(Falcon) 4. C.Hayes(Falcon) 5. T. O’Hara(Falcon) 6. B. Rusch(St John’s) 7. J.Hammond(St John’s) 8. O.Lacey(CBC) 9. R.Drage(CBC) 10. T.Mitchell(CBC) 11. S.Sharwood(Peterhouse) 12. T.Madzima(Hellenic) 13. C.Duffield(St George’s)Non-Travelling ReservesD.Bruce (CBC) S.Bryce-Rogers(Hellenic)