Last Minute Basket Earns Convent Victory

While other students were enjoying their Friday (May 29 2015) afternoon at home, the Convent Basketball 1st team was celebrating their one point win against the Green Machines of Chisipite at the Chisipite courts, leaving a final score 19-18.

This fiercely contested game was between two evenly matched teams that have both posted wins against Arundel this season. Coming into the match, there was no clear favourite as only a point separated the two teams when they last met in 2014.

The game started with a kindling clean three-point shot from Chisipite’s Taonga Munjoma half way through a silent first quarter. This wake-up call got Convent’s “MaHeavy” on top of their game as they started to play better defense and offense. By the end of the first quarter, the score was 7-4 to Convent.

Farai kawonde
Convent’s Farai Kawonde adds to her team’s tally from a free-throw

In the second quarter Convent did not stop attempting baskets, but Chisipite’s defense failed to realise that their opponents were only attacking on the right side, and so they suffered. Convent’s star player of the day, Fadzai Meda, continued to disturb Chisipite’s plays as she continuously intercepted passes and stole the ball several times. Because of Meda’s speed and size, the Green Machines never saw her coming. At half time Convent was still in the lead by 5 points.

When the third quarter began, Chisipite started playing a different game altogether. They made sure they caught up to their rivals and intensely defended their basket. That quarter ended at an even 14-14 score.

The last quarter was the most crucial. Increased pressure from supporters and coaches made something as simple as catching the ball more difficult. Kawonde assisted the winning basket when she faked a lay up and passed to Vongai Makotore, who made the buzzer beater to secure the 19-18 victory for Convent.