Peterhouse Wins Big on Arundel Turf

Last Saturday (4 June 2016) Peterhouse Girls’ first team hockey took on Arundel on the astroturf, defeating them 5-3 in an action-packed game.

Early into the match, it was evident that both teams were strong and that the game would be tense.  The match started with fairly even possession.  About 18 minutes into the game, Form 4 student Tivimbike Chikoto scored the first goal for hosts Arundel.  However, soon after that, Peterhouse Girl Ruvimbo Dobbie had a successful shot at goal that evened out the score to 1-1 at half time.

The intensity of the game only grew in the second half, with Chikoto scoring another goal for Arundel less than five minutes into the second half.  The Peterhouse attackers responded by playing faster and passing more efficiently, resulting in Peterhouse scoring the next three goals rapid fire, bringing the scoreline to 2-4.  Arundel snuck in another goal, but Dobbie responded with a reappearance and scored her final goal with just three minutes remaining until the final whistle.

Both teams demonstrated sportsmanship and fair play. Despite having played a good match, Arundel were obviously disappointed at their loss at home.  Arundel’s coach, Joanne Swanepoel told SSN: “It was a good, solid game all around.  We learnt a lot from today’s match to move forward into the season.”