SSN Wears Orange for KidzCan

This week SSN joins Kidzcan in celebrating Orange Week to publicize the plight of children living with cancer.  Kidzcan is dedicated to increasing the survival rate of children living with cancer in a loving and caring environment. Orange Week, 15-21 February, is a special week where school children raise money through fundraisers involving wearing orange outside of the normal school uniform.  Kidzcan uses these proceeds towards providing funds for needed diagnosis and treatment including the costs of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

If you want to get involved with Orange Week, and your school or workplace is not already doing a fundraiser for this very worthy cause, you can make a donation directly through the Ecocash biller code 51599.   Even a single dollar can go toward changing the future for a child with cancer.

The SSN mobile app is wearing orange this week, and so can you.