Triathlon Team Impresses at ATU in Bloemfontein

Zimbabwe made impressive gains this year to make their mark at the African Triathlon Union (ATU) Championships held in Bloemfontein on Saturday (12 March 2016), bringing home to Zimbabwe two medals as well as having four of the nine team members placing in the top ten of their races.  Brett Eliott of Peterhouse Boys won gold in a time of 39:31 in the 15-17 youth men super sprint, with teammate Andoni Mutzuris of Hellenic Academy claiming bronze in the same race in a time of 40:50.

Cross country running star Gabrielle Dumont De Chassart of Hellenic Academy finished fourth overall in the Junior Women’s Sprint 18-19 category clocking 1:16.56. Gideon Benade of Peterhouse Boys completed the race in 1:08.49 to earn the ninth overall position.

Twelve Zimbabweans between the ages of 12 and 15 also competed in the South African Championships at the same time.  Most impressive were Erin Elliot of Peterhouse Girls and Luke Steffens of Hellenic, both who finished fourth in the girls and boys 12-13 categories. All of the Zimbabweans entered in the 12-13 and 14-15 supersprint event categories came in the top fifteen of their respective races.

Zimbabwean Results at African Triathlon Union Championships
Name School Event Category Result
Gabrielle Dumont de Chassart Hellenic Jr Women Sprint 18-19 4th
Sarah Hawgood ex-Arundel Jr Women Sprint 18-19 13th
Jamie Lee Soper Peterhouse Girls Jr Women Sprint 18-19 24th
Gedeon Benade Jr Peterhouse Boys Jr Men Sprint 18-19 9th
Rupert Anchuetz Peterhouse Boys Jr Men Sprint 18-19 12th
Alexander Colegrave Hellenic Academy Jr Men Sprint 18-19 26th
Drew Williams  ex-St John’s College Jr Men Sprint 18-19 26th
Brett Elliott Peterhouse Boys Youth Men Supersprint 1st
Andoni Mutzuris Hellenic Academy Youth Men Supersprint 3rd


Zimbabwean Results at South African Triathlon Championships
Name School Event Category Result
Erin Elliott Peterhouse Girls Girls 12-13 Supersprint 4th
Andie Kuipers Peterhouse Girls Girls 14-15 Supersprint 9th
Mana Evershed Hellenic Academy Girls 14-15 Supersprint 9th
Mikayla Colegrave Hellenic Academy Girls 14-15 Supersprint 11th
Luke Steffens Hellenic Academy Boys 12-13 Supersprint 4th
Dane Holderness St Christopher’s Boys 12-13 Supersprint 10th
Luke Hacker  Hellenic Academy Boys 12-13 Supersprint 12th
Simon Le Vieux  ex-Hellenic Academy Boys 12-13 Supersprint 15th
Oliver Philp Peterhouse Boys Boys 14-15 Supersprint 6th
Marcel Paulser Peterhouse Boys Boys 14-15 Supersprint 8th
Tyler Martin  Hellenic Academy Boys 14-15 Supersprint 10th
Callum Waterfall  St Christopher’s Boys 14-15 Supersprint 12th